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International trade rules and regulations aren’t evergreen. Successful global businesses can prepare their operations for constantly shifting trade compliance rules and mercurial regulatory landscapes by investing in international trade consulting services from trusted trade experts. In addition to trade consulting and customized import/export compliance programs, Star USA offers training to empower your team to manage your own trade functions.
Correcting Course on International Trade Compliance
Maintaining Efficient, Functional and Compliant International Operations

International Trade Consulting Services

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Monetary Recovery

International trade consulting services can help clients pursue considerable monetary recovery - and boost your bottom line. Some examples of potential monetary recovery include duty drawbacks and duty deferral assistance. Duty drawbacks are refunds, reductions, or waivers - un whole or in part - of customs duties assessed or collected on imported goods that are later exported. The duty deferral programs include bonded warehouses, foreign trade zones, temporary importations under bond (TIB), and inward processing programs. Knowing which monetary recovery opportunities are available to your firm - and the best route to claiming it - are key benefits of international trade consulting services at Star USA.

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Technical Services

Reliable international trade consultants can help businesses navigate the more technical elements of foreing trade - and there are many. Some of the more technical services our team provides include product classification, advanced customs rulings, and customized training. Ensuring that all technical elements of your international trade management system have been properly identified and fully utilized translates to maximized resources, lower costs, and streamlined operations.

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Compliance Process Reviews

Import compliance and export compliance can be perplexing  - and developing workable solutions typically isn't a one-and-done deal. Regular reviews and updates of compliance programs are important for importers and exporters to ensure their internal processes are aligned with current trade rules and regulations applicable to their industry, products, and locations. Minimize the risk of running afoul of regulatory authorities by investing in customs compliance reviews, audits of internal design controls & processes, and post-entry audits conducted by experienced international trade consultants.

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Free Trade Agreements

Experienced international trade consultants help companies seize every opportunity available through Free Trade Agreements (agreements between countries that reduce trade barriers in the global marketplace) and Preferential Trade Agreements (similar to FTAs except they can be unilateral and without reciprocation between countries involved). International trade consultants are an excellent resource to help companies with everything from country of origin determination to certificate of origin maintenance to free trade program compliance reviews.

International Trade Consulting You Can Count On

Taking operations to the international level opens up a world of new opportunities for businesses. But there are also major risks and potential liabilities, particularly when it comes to regulatory compliance. International trade consulting services help firms navigate deftly past the pitfalls by aiding with compliance, valuation, auditing, disclosures, licensing, classification, financial recovery, and supply chain security. Star USA is ready to assist you with identifying operational gaps, simplifying the legalities, and developing customized compliance strategies to fit your needs.

Global trade volume today is more than 43 times what it was in 1950, and its value has climbed 6 percent just since 1995, when the World Trade Organization was founded. Each major trading region in the world has its own unique requirements.

Rapid advances in information, communication, and business technologies - combined with the growth of global value chains - means companies are increasingly turning to international trade consultants to:

  • Help overcome trade barriers.
  • Take full advantage of free trade agreements.
  • Minimize economic risks and liabilities.
  • Ensure strict adherence to best practices.
  • Maintain compliance with all relevant regulatory trade rules for imports & exports.
  • Keep tabs on regulatory changes on the horizon that may impact operations - so there's ample time for planning procedures, protocols, and budgets.

In a constantly evolving global trade environment, we help your business optimize efficiency and maintain compliance - positioning your firm for success.


Expert guidance when buying and selling internationally.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. This opportunity creates a space for you to ask important questions and learn from our experts & industry veterans. During the consultation we'll learn more about your operations, listen to your concerns, and provide useful answers to your questions. Let us help you maximize the return on your global trade compliance program investment and continue to be a leader in your industry.

Partnering with Star comes with access to decades of real-world knowledge & experience to anticipate, diagnose and solve issues relating to the customs clearance and global delivery of imported/exported merchandise.


Star maintains a deep understanding of the complexities of our clients' needs and risk profiles. Our compliance services are aligned to your needs and, most importantly, assembled to address those needs comprehensively.


Star USA acts on your behalf as your highly skilled and experienced employees providing comprehensive solutions to navigate regulatory requirements, manage your import/export footprint, and maximize your global opportunities.

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